Rapper's Love Song To Newcastle NIMBYs

Comedian and rapper Rob Bukey has had enough of the complaining about change conservatives in his hometown of Newcastle, NSW.  His song “Newcastle, stop whinging” is an anti-protest protest song.

The song has been released only days after a local Greens councillor put forward a motion for the council to withdraw their support for the proposed  Supercar race around the streets of the city later this year.

Councillor Therese Doyle will move a notice of motion calling for the council to rescind its support for the Newcastle Supercars race citing the recent crash at Symmons Plains as just one reason to cancel the event.

According to a report in the local paper “The Newcastle Herald” Cr. Doyle said that  “If such an accident were to occur in the residential streets of east Newcastle, the results could be catastrophic,”

The Herald also revealed that the council and Destination NSW, the State Government body bankrolling the big event, have yet to sign a memorandum of understanding that was part of the council’s support for the race.

Although several polls taken indicate strong support for the race, the rate of opposition is growing with a small but powerful group of local residents in one of the city’s most prestigious residential area making plenty of noise, and generating plenty of press about their oppositoion to the race.

The matter has certainly not been helped by a lack of consultation and transparency from both Destination NSW and Supercars Australia.

Still, if it’s achieved nothing else, the song’s pretty good.