ACO Le Mans Media Conference 2018: The Future of Sportscar Racing.

Friday’s at Le Mans might be bumping in day for the hordes of mostly British fans making the yearly pilgrimage to the Circuit de le Sarthe, but for me it was always one of the most interesting days to be there when you are in the media.
Apart from the pressers from teams themselves and the world famous drivers parade through the city, it’s also the day the ACO announces their vision of the future of both the event and top level sportscar racing.
This year’s conference will focus on the new regulations for 2020 and beyond as we finally get a clearer picture of the ACO’s new “Hypercar” based top level category.
The new rules have been designed to supposedly cut costs, but still encourage new technology, especially in the area of hybrid power which both the ACO and the FIA seem totally obsessed with.
Will the new rules bring more manufacturers back to Le Mans and the WEC?
What will happen to the current LMP1 cars and privateer teams that have saved this years event from becoming a high French farce at the top level?
What will the new rules mean for GTE and LMP2
And who is Byron Saxon?
To find out all of the above, or perhaps not, watch the conference live.
(Recommended accompaniment, a fine aged Sauterne and a tray of madeleines)
A stiff Cognac afterwards might also be needed, for medicinal purposes only of course.