Augmented Reality: The New Way To Watch Motorsport?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has always been firm in his belief that Augmented Reality was the future of a more immersive experience on your mobile device.

In an interview in The Independent earlier this year , Cook said that AR could be as big an impact as the iPhone itself.
Cook said that augmented reality is preferable to virtual reality for many applications, because “most people don’t want to lock themselves out from the world . . . With AR you can, not be engrossed in something, but have it be a part of your world, of your conversation. That has resonance.”

The potential of AR to change and enhance the way we watch motorsport has been demonstrated at the recent Australian National Manufacturing Week expo.

Multiple Australasian Formula SAE champions Monash Motorsport used their car to show off some exciting possibilities using new software developed by LEAP Australia.

The software opens up all sorts of potential for a sport as technically complex as ours.

Just imagine a pit walk or garage tour with this sort of technology providing real time technical notes, schematics and other info, or as a training tool for young engineers seeking to look one or more levels deeper than what they can see in the real world.

The software could be a huge boost for sponsors too as you could link your on car graphics to a website or flash up more information on your products or services.

Rumours are growing that AR may be a part of the upcoming iPhone 8 release scheduled for September this year, but at the moment that is only a rumour. However with this new software there’s no doubt that Augmented or not, this is reality.