79th Goodwood Members Meeting LIVE

Every year Goodwood puts on a special meeting just for the benefit of its members. These members of course comprise of some of the biggest names in International motorsport history.

So if you want to Le Mans legends unleashed in Ford Galaxies, Lotus Cortinas or Mini Coopers then this is the meeting for you.
The racing is always entertaining and the cars always interesting.

This year’s event features a special tribute to V10 F1 cars with a classic line up from the days when Formula One cars sounded like real F1 cars.

Big names in the Gerry Marshall Trophy for Group 1 Touring Cars including David Brabham in a Rover, Emanuele Pirro and Alex Brundle in Camaros, Jason Plato in a Mustang and Stig Blomquist in a Capri.