In Pit Lane LIVE E12 "The Good Old Days?"

Historic Racing is booming, around the world every weekend Historic race meetings are attracting larger crowds than ever before.

Millions of dollars are invested in bringing the famous, and not so famous cars of the past back to life and on the track.
This weekend is the annual Historic Winton, one of the most popular Historic events in Australia. It might not have the International reputation of the Phillip Island Classic, but for hardcore Historic Racing fans, this is a must not miss event.
This week on In Pit Lane Joe Calleja joins us to talk about the cars he’ll be running at Winton including the stunning F1 March, a Trans-Am Mustang and the beautiful Allard K2. We’ll also discuss the state of local Historic racing, and the challenges ahead.
Plus joining us live in the studio Melbourne band “One More Weekend” and news from NASCAR, Blancpain GT, Super GT, and of course the Indy 500.

That’s In Pit Lane LIVE Tuesday night 9:00PM AEST brought to you by The Australian Sports Sedan Association