In Pit Lane LIVE Sept 5 "The Future Is Electric"

“oh brave new world that has such people in it” 
Is motorsport old hat? Do young people still get the buzz of excitement when the see a cool car like we used to way back in the last century?
Is the sport “male, pale and stale”? Just how do we attract a new generation to the motorsport? Is it things like Formula E? Does E-Sports and Gaming have a place? Or should we just accept that the next generation just don’t get it, never will and ignore them and just get on with our own fun?
Tonight on the return of In Pit Lane LIVE Michael Smith CAMS Manager of Motorsport Events about how CAMS are planning for the future and we’ll preview the Phillip Island round of The Shannons Nationals.
Plus all the latest News from the world of local and international motorsport.
So join me, Brett Ramsey and special guest celebrity co-driver Dave Stillwell for the return of In Pit Lane Tuesday night LIVE and please join in the chat to have your say.