The 2018 Goodwood Festival Of Speed LIVE

Way back in about 2004 I had the pleasure of attending the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. For a hardcore race fan like me who grew up in far away Australia, the chance to see, hear and touch so many famous cars that I’d only ever seen in the pages of Autosport or via the rarest of  international news footage was amazing.
I remember filming in the paddock and walking backwards to frame a Tyrrell 007 and almost tripping over the rear tyre of another car, which, when I turned around was an ex Ayrton Senna McLaren.
There were NASCARS, Le Mans cars, Classic Rally cars, an amazing line up of famous bikes, and riders plus the roar of some classic AA Fuel Altereds from the USA.

There were many amazing stories from that meeting alone, chatting with Nick Mason from Pink Floyd about Ferraris, (and not realising that it was him until later) seeing Damon Hill wandering around the VIP area in a Damon Hill Tee Shirt with his own face on it. Great catering in the Media Centre, being the only camera crew not to run away when Antônio Pizzonia was doing doughnuts in the Williams (hey we’ve shot plenty of burnouts, we survived 4 EasterNats) and an amazing airshow including aerobatics from a South African Airways Boeing 747 that to this very day still gives me nightmares.

All in all it was an amazing event, it was big then, it’s even bigger now.

Highlights for this 25th anniversary edition of the FOS include the Porsche LMP2000, a car whose very existence was denied by Porsche for over a decade.  The LMP2000, also known by its internal codename 9R3 and used a V10 engine from a stillborn F1 project. When the Le Mans bid was cancelled, the engine was all that lived on – in the Carerra GT road car. Porsche lifted its ban on acknowledging the LMP2000 a couple of years ago, and now you can see the car for yourself at Goodwood.
Richard Petty’s 1972 Dodge Charger to be driven by the King himself in what he says will be his final Goodwood appearance.
Also on show will be several classic openwheelers including the Honda RA301. This Lola-designed V12 driven by the late, great John Surtees during the 1968 F1 season, will be taken up the hill by 2009 World F1 Champion and current Honda Super GT star  Jenson Button.

Thankfully for those of us that can’t be there in person the team at Goodwood are livestreaming the event once again.

I have said it before, these guys are the Gold Standard in motorsport event livestreaming, the quality is excellent, the commentary informative and enthusiastic and, at least in previous years, bullet proof (FIA WEC/ACO please take note) The coverage starts Thursday AEST and runs right though to the early hours of Monday morning.

So pour yourself an ice cold Gin & Tonic, or even make a pot of Tea, line up the Scones and Cucumber Sandwiches and enjoy the 25th anniversary of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Pip, Pip & Tally Ho.