The 6 Hours Of Bathurst: The Showroom Stock Shootout

A lot of people, well OK a few noisy individuals keep on harping on about the “good old days”. Let me tell you as someone who was there, the good old days weren’t all that good.
Series Production racing as we saw at Bathurst in the 60’s and early 70’s died away for a reason.

It was boring.

Stock standard saloons, not designed for racing were unreliable, slow and in some cases just damn dangerous.

At least the cars of today have better safety, better handling and believe it or not whole lot more power. The current fleet of M Series BMWs and AMG Mercedes will run rings around your old GTHO or XU1.

But just how reliable are they? And how suited are they to six hours of racing around one of the planet’s most challenging race tracks Mount Panorama at Bathurst.

Well if you don’t have Foxtel, and you live in Australia, here’s your chance to find out and to catch up on all six hours of  Bathurst.

Commentary is by Radio Le Mans John Hindhaugh and the race’s media manager and experienced local commentator Richard Craill.

Shame that we couldn’t get to see it live but, better late than never.