The 2022 Le Mans Classic LIVE Part One

Bonjour, When we first went to Le Mans back in 2004, everybody we met there all said we really needed to come back for “The Classic”. Sadly, although we were fortunate enough to go to Le Mans several times since, we were never able to make it.
Thankfully we can still experience some of the magic thanks to a series of livestreams this weekend.
With English commentary from the team from Radio Le Mans the Classic is a celebration of all things Le Mans with an amazing collection of classic cars and drivers from the races almost 100 years of history.
The cars selected are those that have taken part in the Le Mans 24 Hours between 1923 and 1981. Priority is given to cars that have actually raced in the event in their particular era. For each grid 10 reserve cars take part in the day and night-time practice sessions to be ready to fill a place left by the withdrawal or retirement of another car. A Le Mans-type start as used between 1925 and 1969 will be given for grids 1-2-3-4. Flying starts will be used for the others.
Prendre plaisir!